Help Your Hands This Winter

As the cold weather continues in Ontario us girls rely on O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream. We have tried many creams over the years and this product does wonders!


If you are looking to really moisturize then try putting the cream on your hands before you go to bed and wear a pair of gloves such as these purple ones by Quo for extra effectiveness! They also make a cream for your feet.


The product can be found at any Canadian Tire. Trust us, it is worth the trip! The gloves can be found at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

The Girls

Looking To Buy Or Sell An iPhone? Try Orchard


The idea is simple and the process is even easier! Orchard finally makes selling or buying an iPhone easy. When the iPhone 6 hit the market us Girls upgraded our phones and did not want to deal with the hassle of trying to sell our phones so we thought “Let’s use Orchard”.

Here is how selling works:

You start by downloading the application on your iPhone and run the program.

Step 1 & 2:

Orchard iOS 7 WHITE (5).028

Step 3, 4 & 5:

Orchard iOS 7 WHITE (5).031

Orchard iOS 7 WHITE (5).067

After testing the iPhone you will find out the approximate value.

Orchard iOS 7 WHITE (5).071

Once you have gone through these steps which takes less than 5 minutes Orchard will send you a package in the mail for your iPhone. All that is required is to send your used iPhone to their office and you will receive an email notification that they have your phone and will be sending your payment to you. It typically takes 24-48 hours to process the e-Transfer, which is sent to the email address you provide.

We asked Alex Sebastian one of the Co-Founders of Orchard about his business. This is what he had to say “Creating Orchard was always about enabling people to buy and sell used technology. It sounds simple, but the other options available are often a nightmare to use. Who wants to haggle with someone at a mutually-inconvenient subway station just to sell your phone? Buyers can be pretty difficult to deal with when they have no real way of knowing if what they’re buying actually works or isn’t stolen, and who can blame them? That’s why Orchard steps in to facilitate all aspects of the sale. As a seller, you deal with us, and we deal with everything else.”

If you are looking to purchase an iPhone for yourself, a parent, a child or to use while travelling abroad this is a great platform to look at.

We highly recommend this company!

The Girls

Doggie Favorites For The Winter

When it is cold outside it is essential to take care of your pet! We love our princess Perla and always want to make sure she is comfortable, happy and protected when she goes outdoors.


Here are a few of our favourite items for keeping your furry friend warm this winter!

1. Doggie Boots
Dogs are just like humans, their feet get cold in the winter!

Make sure to protect your pets paws with boots. It is a fact that dogs paws can get frostbitten. At first you might think that it will look silly on your pet but the truth is your dog will really appreciate it. Ensure that you purchase the correct size of boots so that they can walk normally once they get used to wearing them. They should fit snuggly while allowing your dog to spread out their paws. We suggest booties that have reflective markings on them if you are taking your dog out when it is dark.


We have tried many different types of boots for Perla and have found that she consistently prefers boots with structure rather than the rubber disposable dog boots. Doggie School makes great dog boots!


2. Dog Coat
A warm insulated dog coat can do wonders for your pet. Perla favours her Bobby made fleece lined dog coat as it is super soft for her and very warm. Not all dogs need coats. If you have a dog with thick fur such as a Golden Retriever or a Husky their fur provides natural insulation for them. If your dog does not like the cold or has light fur then a coat is a must have for your pet!


TIP: Make sure the dog coat is water-resistant and easy to put on and take off!


3. Dog Sweater
If you have a short haired dog a sweater is a great idea to keep your furry friend warm indoors. Sweaters are also great for when it is a mild day outside and you want to keep your dog warm. Make sure when you buy a sweater that it fits properly and your pet is comfortable wearing it.

4. Pet Care Ice Melt
When it snows outside and you need to put down an ice melter salt can be very harmful to your pets paws. We recommend using a pet safe product that is veterinarian recommended. Safe-T-Pet is a salt-free ice melter that we use when it snows, it is both salt and chloride free.


5. Sunshine
Dogs love being in the warm sun. If you can move their dog bed by a window on a sunny day many furry friends love this!


TIP For Sizing: If you are not bringing your furry friend along with you to the pet store don’t forget to measure your dog with a cloth measuring tape. Two measurements we find helpful are the circumference around the middle of your pets stomach and a measurement along your pets back from the neck to the start of the tail.

The Girls


Excited to get to your destination? We always are however, we don’t love the packing process leading up to the trip. Whether you are an early packer or procrastinator, here are some packing tips for your next trip!

If you are travelling out of the country, don’t forget your passport! We recommend that is the first thing you take out when you start your packing process.


1. Make a Packing List
A packing list might sound like a silly idea however, it is the most organized way to ensure nothing gets left behind. If you can plan day by day what you will need on your trip you will avoid over packing entirely! By making a list you will see if you need to purchase any additional items such as adaptors or refills for prescriptions you will need to take.

2. Check the Weather
Leading up to your trip check the weather at your destination. Nobody wants suede shoes in a rainy city!

3. Keep all liquids in a sealed pouch or bag
To prevent opening your bag and finding something has leaked everywhere, conceal your liquids to a bag so that if something does break or open the mess is contained!


4. Pack all essential items and valuables in your carry-on
Should your luggage get lost you will want to make sure you have all your most important items with you in your carry-on! It’s never fun to get to your destination and realize that your glasses or iPad are in your suitcase.


5. Roll or overlap your clothing
Looking to save space? By rolling certain items such as t-shirts, jeans, shorts, sportswear to name a few instead of folding them this will leave you with more space in your suitcase. We know not everything can be rolled but those items that you can try this! Alternatively, overlap your items in your luggage rather than stacking shirts, pants, shorts in columns in your bag.

6. Place a set of clean clothes in your companions luggage
If you are travelling with a loved one or friend we suggest you pack a few essentials in each others suitcase. The reason for this is that if one of your bags does not make it to your destination, you will still have clothes available to wear while the airline tracks down your luggage and delivers it to you. On a recent trip, one of our bags did not make the connection but since we had packed a change of clothes in the others suitcase we were able to change into clean clothes when we arrived.
Tip: If you have the space, pack a change of clothes in your carry-on!

7. Keep your items dry
There are many ways to keep your packed items dry. If you are travelling on a day that is pouring rain or think that it might be raining at your destination and want to make sure that nothing in your luggage will be wet, a jumbo Ziploc bag for example is a great way to protect your items. It also keeps things super organized. Alternatively use cloth clothing pouches to organize your items. When you arrive at your destination all you will have to do is remove the bags from your suitcase and off you go!


The Girls


Tips for Wrapping the perfect present from The Girls


1. Start with selecting the Wrapping Paper
The idea of wrapping a gift in paper originated in ancient China. The types of wrapping paper seem endless when you go to the store however, go with something that suits both your taste and the person receiving the gift. Foil papers are nice, just be careful when using tape as the tape is much more visible on foils than other types of papers.

Sparkles on wrapping paper can be visually appealing however, they can leave a trail behind so be cautious when purchasing those sheets or rolls of paper.

These are two different papers that we are loving this Holiday Season.


Above is a Papyrus paper we really like. If you are looking to purchase quality wrapping paper Papyrus has a wide variety of papers as well as cards to choose from.


This wrapping paper is much more unique. With four locations across Southern Ontario, our favorite of which is in Oakville, Write Impressions has all your holiday gift wrapping needs this season! We love their wide range of speciality wrapping paper.


2. How to Wrap the Gift
For years now we have been wrapping presents using double sided tape or a glue gun. This ensures that the edges are neat and tidy and there is no sign of tape. If you are looking to impress and ensure no peeking the glue gun definitely does the trick. Double sided tape can make you look like a pro without having to get crafty!


3. The Ribbon
Ribbon is considered our favourite final touch to any gift. We love using red or silver ribbon when wrapping Holiday gifts. Make sure that the ribbon is thick enough to hold a bow or tie around your gift. We prefer satin ribbon as it gives an elegant finish and allows you to tie a bow easily.


4. Name Tag
Always include a card or name tag on your gift. You can even find festive labels to stick on your gift if you are in a hurry!


The holidays are about sharing joy with friends and family so make your gift wrapping a fun activity!

If you are looking for more wrapping tips feel free to contact us!


The Girls