Destination Guide: Anguilla

Us girls are going Anguilla next week!

Anguilla Vicerory - low res Aerial Property

We can’t wait to discover all the great things the island has to offer and check into The Viceroy Anguilla!

We are going to be doing everything from snorkelling and paddle boarding to playing tennis and exploring the island on bicycles.

Stay tuned for our mother-daughter adventures!


The Girls


Many of us struggle with finding the appropriate hostess gift to bring to a party so here are a few gift ideas that we love during the festive season!

1. A Holiday Ornament


If you are going to a holiday party a nice gift idea is a Christmas ornament that the hostess can add to their collection. Every year when they decorate their tree they will have memories of the time you have shared together. Personalized ornaments such as their initials as a decoration or an ornament showing the year are a nice touch.

TIP: Make sure to include a hook or wire to attach the ornament to their tree.

2. Jam Selection with Spreader

Pick up a great locally made Jam or an assortment of small jams. Tie a bright ribbon around the jar and attach a spreader. This gift can also be done with homemade relishes, mustards or chutney’s instead of jam.

3. Cocktail Ingredients

If the hostess enjoys making speciality cocktails gifting the ingredients to make a wintery beverage can be a great idea! We recently received all the ingredients to make a manhattan from scratch and it was delightful. If the recipe calls for fruit or garnishes such as an orange or mint leaves adding those to the gift is very thoughtful.

4. Festive Napkins

With the entertaining season in full force everyone can use an extra set of napkins! A festive set of cocktail napkins can be a great gift idea and is something that the hostess will definitely use.


5. Wine, Bubbles or Scotch

Adding a unique corkscrew to match their home or personality to a bottle of Wine or Bubbles makes the easy ‘to pick up from the liquor store’ gift idea a little more special.


6. Spiced Pecans

Every holiday season it is nice to receive a jar of spiced pecans, these are festive and taste delicious. The hostess can have the pecans on their own or add them to a salad for extra taste.

7.Holiday chocolates

Since we both have a huge sweet tooth we absolutely love giving holiday chocolates to fellow chocolate lovers. You can be creative with your chocolates and give unique combinations such as the Christmas Cake Bar or Roasted Spice Quince Bar of chocolate from Soma Chocolate or a classic box of assorted chocolates from your favourite chocolatier.

8. Candles

You might think that candles are an over done gift idea but the truth is most people love to receive a nice candle. If you want to personalize the candle you can add a ribbon around the centre of the holder and attach a little note to it.


You can always mix and match these items together!

The Girls


Over the past few years the Elf on the Shelf has become increasingly popular however, the Elf on the Shelf has been around for decades! It has been a Christmas tradition within our family since Sherry was a child. Here is a picture of our vintage Elf with today’s version of the Christmas Elf!

Our Elves


Our Vintage Elf:



Our Modern Elf:



If you are looking to bring some Christmas spirit into your home this is a great story and fun new tradition to begin! For more about the Elf on the Shelf visit

Over the past few weeks we have heard friends telling their Elf stories of what their Santa’s little helpers have been doing around the house to bring laughter and joy to the family this year! Although there are critics of this Christmas tradition we think it is a fun idea for a family and will continue this Christmas tradition for years to come.


The Mensch on a Bench is a another great and fun way to incorporate this tradition around the Jewish Holiday with your family. For more information visit

The Girls