Help Your Hands This Winter

As the cold weather continues in Ontario us girls rely on O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream. We have tried many creams over the years and this product does wonders!


If you are looking to really moisturize then try putting the cream on your hands before you go to bed and wear a pair of gloves such as these purple ones by Quo for extra effectiveness! They also make a cream for your feet.


The product can be found at any Canadian Tire. Trust us, it is worth the trip! The gloves can be found at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

The Girls


We have been wearing Vinylux Polish for months now and absolutely LOVE all their polishes! For years, us girls have been huge fans of Essie, OPI and Deborah Lippmann polishes but recently we have made the switch!

The main thing we love about Vinylux is that it actually lasts! As working girls we are always running around for clients and keeping our nails looking their best means countless touch-ups and polish changes. Vinylux seems to last about a week and a half without touch-ups and has a fantastic colour range. The company prides themselves on being a “week long wear polish” with no base coat required.

The Holiday Colour that we love is called RED BARONESS #139. We have been wearing it since the beginning of December and have honestly received so many compliments on the shade that we really wanted to share it with you!


If you are looking for a nail salon in Toronto that carries Vinylux check out our favourite pop-in nail salon in Yorkville called Shea Coco. If a relaxing nail appointment at a spa is what you are in the mood for the Stillwater does fantastic mani’s & pedi’s with this polish!


For more info about Vinylux visit their site for yourself or check out their incredible polishes at a salon in your neighbourhood.

The Girls