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The idea is simple and the process is even easier! Orchard finally makes selling or buying an iPhone easy. When the iPhone 6 hit the market us Girls upgraded our phones and did not want to deal with the hassle of trying to sell our phones so we thought “Let’s use Orchard”.

Here is how selling works:

You start by downloading the application on your iPhone and run the program.

Step 1 & 2:

Orchard iOS 7 WHITE (5).028

Step 3, 4 & 5:

Orchard iOS 7 WHITE (5).031

Orchard iOS 7 WHITE (5).067

After testing the iPhone you will find out the approximate value.

Orchard iOS 7 WHITE (5).071

Once you have gone through these steps which takes less than 5 minutes Orchard will send you a package in the mail for your iPhone. All that is required is to send your used iPhone to their office and you will receive an email notification that they have your phone and will be sending your payment to you. It typically takes 24-48 hours to process the e-Transfer, which is sent to the email address you provide.

We asked Alex Sebastian one of the Co-Founders of Orchard about his business. This is what he had to say “Creating Orchard was always about enabling people to buy and sell used technology. It sounds simple, but the other options available are often a nightmare to use. Who wants to haggle with someone at a mutually-inconvenient subway station just to sell your phone? Buyers can be pretty difficult to deal with when they have no real way of knowing if what they’re buying actually works or isn’t stolen, and who can blame them? That’s why Orchard steps in to facilitate all aspects of the sale. As a seller, you deal with us, and we deal with everything else.”

If you are looking to purchase an iPhone for yourself, a parent, a child or to use while travelling abroad this is a great platform to look at.

We highly recommend this company!

The Girls

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